This is where it all begins! Great artwork = great prints! If the source file is distorted or blurry, so will the final print.

Please send us print ready artwork. If you need additional artwork preparation, we offer 15 minutes of complimentary artwork help. This is generally enough time to add text, move objects around, and to do minor changes. If you need further artwork assistance, we offer design services at an hourly rate.

Since there is a great deal of subjectivity when it comes making t-shirts, we are not responsible for creative consultations and we expect our customers to decide on colors, fonts, dimensions, and creative direction. However, you are more than welcome to ask us for our humble opinions.

Things to consider when submitting a design:

1. How many colors are in the design?
The lower number of colors in your design, the cheaper price will be. If you are unsure of the amount of colors, go ahead and email us the design. Please look over our Standard Shop Inks for color choices. We can also mix custom colors for an additional charge.
tip: To lower the print cost, you can consolidate two similar colors into a single color.

2. What are the dimensions?
If you have a specific dimension, please let us know. Otherwise, we will use our best judgement. Our maximum print size is 15W X 18H inches.
tip: Take a ruler to some t-shirts you have already, and measure the prints to get an idea.

3. Print placement?
Please let us know if this printed on the front, back, pocket area, upper back, right sleeve, or left sleeve.

4. File Type
Please email the file to:

Preferred files: Adobe Photoshop files, Illustrator files, EPS, PDF, TIFF, or high resolution JPEG files. For those of you who are design savvy, please set your artwork to the final print size (300 DPI) and outline/rasterize all fonts and shapes.

Low resolution images will not be printable (although you may send low resolution images to give us a general idea of the design for quoting). Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files do not transfer well and are not recommended!

If the design is not digitized and exists as a drawing, photo, or print , you can bring it to our shop in Berkeley.

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