Acceptable Image Types For Embroidery
We can embroider flat text and color illustrations or graphics. We can not embroider photographic images or anything with shading or gradients. If you are unsure if your image can be embroidered, please send us the image and we can take a let you know if it can be used. Keep in mind that small details can not be produced in certain situations, bold graphics are preferred.

File Formats
We prefer high resolution images such as .pdf .psd .ai but we can also work with jpeg or png too but keep in mind that the final product's fidelity  and quality will depend highly on the resolution of the image you provide us.

Placement and Dimensions
Please specify on the quote form the location(s) of where you would like your image to be placed on the garment of your choice. Next, indicate the desired image dimensions in inches (width x height) and we will send you a mockup and quote.